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Jewelry with Nano

An appreciation of jewelry runs deep in our family. Growing up, while getting ready for weddings of friends and family, my sisters and I would gather around my mother and try on beautiful pieces from her various collections.

These moments were fun, but sometimes stressful. Getting ready for a South Asian wedding is like putting on a knights armor (literally and figuratively!). As my son said while trying on Nano’s jewelry at my sisters wedding in Chicago recently: “it’s pinchy.”

Some of the jewelry is from Pakistan, some of it collected from the various boutiques of desi streets across the United States, and some of it from American stores.

While watching the kids try on Nano’s jewelry, I realized: it’s not just jewelry. It’s a collection of mile markers in our American life, a bedazzled bread-crumb path we’ve laid out in celebrating the special moments belonging to friends, cousins, and siblings.

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